Monday, March 19, 2012

*11 Months Old*

11 months old! His favorite things to do are crawling up the stairs, which he figured that out a few weeks ago. Walking all around the house with his walking "walker toy". Playing with any type of ball (golf balls, baseballs, toy balls etc.) He loves to watch mickey mouse clubhouse and dances to the "hot dog" song. He is so much fun, he has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. He also had to get tubes in his ears which was for the best (i was so sad, but i knew he needed them and it would be better in the long run). Of course he still loves his bath time, especially now that he actually plays with toys in there. He gets mad for a second when i take him out, he could be in there all day. It's crazy how time goes by so fast i can't believe our little guy is almost 1 year old this week!!

*10 Months Old*

At 10 months old he loved to try pulling himself up onto furniture and try moving around. He also started saying "mama" that was a great day when i heard that :) He just loves to crawl every where and get into's busy but very fun!