Saturday, November 27, 2010

*ThAnKsGiViNg/FaMiLy PiCtUrEs*

During thanksgiving my family went to Park City and rented out a condo for the week and we just hung out, relaxed and had fun! Since the whole family was together we took family pictures while we were here, so here are a few pics. It was so fun seeing everyone :)

I love my niece and nephews!

The coleman family

23 weeks

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's a BOY!!

IT'S A BOY!!!!
Shay and i went to our 20 week appointment 2 weeks ago and it's a BOY we are naming him Crew. We had to keep a secret for 2 weeks and it was the longest 2 weeks EVER! We surprised our families this last weekend. It was so awesome to see our baby boy & we're so happy that he is healthy and everything went great!! We can't wait to meet our little boy :)

We're both having BOYS :)

This is how we surprised the families w/ personalized m&ms

22 weeks prego

Monday, October 18, 2010


This last week i went to California to visit both my sisters. I went to Irvine to see Alicia and my mom because Alicia moved out there. Then we drove up to Fresno for a couple days to visit Jen & the kids, that was sooo much FUN! I spent that last few days in Irvine and hung out, we went to Laguna to see some friends..the weather wasn't the best but it was so good to see EVERYONE!! :)
Dinner at Cheesecake Factory
The Kids were so sad saying bye to all of us :(
I just love both these boys..this was my first time seeing Brody he's so CUTE!

I love these kids!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It'S bEeN a wHiLe...

So it has been FOREVER since i have updated the blog (i know i'm slacking big time), i haven't had internet so it's been hard to update everything.

The big news...

We're having a baby!!
Yes i'm pregnant and i am due March 25th, we are so excited! This has been a GREAT pregnancy so far, i have not been sick at all, i have felt AMAZING. I feel so lucky i'm not throwing up and feeling the morning sickness like a lot of the women do. We heard the heart beat a while ago and it was the coolest thing ever, the baby was very active the doc said it kept kicking the last time i went to the doc.. I am 17 weeks and we will find out if its a boy or a girl in a few weeks :) we can't wait!! I will post pictures soon. :)

~Lake Powell~
During Labor Day weekend we went to Lake Powell with Shay's family, it was so FUN and the weather was gorgeous (of course) :) That is one of our favorite trips of the year. Our anniversary is sept, 6th and it was actually on Labor Day this year so we were in Lake Powell on our anniversary, it worked out great we loved it!