Sunday, December 27, 2009

*ChRiStMaS iN fLoRiDa*

This Christmas was with my family, so we all went to Florida for about 10 days or so, we have had a blast. On Christmas eve our family opens all the presents that night from everyone and then "santa" comes in the morning ;) This year we had Santa visit the little kids on Christmas eve. The Santa was my dad haha he did a great job we all laughed and had a good time, i think that will be the new tradition :). It is so nice to be on vacation, all the guys golf and all the girls lay out and go to the beach, and just hang out!! Here are some pictures of the trip i will take more and post all of them when the trip is over!! :)

This is the alligator that sits by the water on hole #14, the hole my parents live on. He is on out when the sun comes out :)

Alicia and I laying out (its what we LOVE to do) :)

Siesta Key Beach!! <3

Mike taking a picture of himself and making a funny face haha

Chillin in the hot tub!

Me & my daddy :)

Me & my bro.
Me & my Mom

My husband and I ;)
My parents backyard (the pool) we al love hanging out back there!!
We went to see Alvin and the Chipmunk sequel as a family! It was a cute movie

"Santa" brought the kids all this.
"Santa" brought the adults a bunch of things in our stockings, and opened a lot of presents the night before, we all got a ton of things:)