Tuesday, October 11, 2011

*6 MoNtHs oLd*

Crew is now 61/2 months old :) he is so FUN at this age right now. He can sit up all by himself! :) i love it because he can play with his toys, sit up and watch everything that is going on..(he sometimes gets a little top heavy and tips over haha) he is just getting so big so fast! We started him on rice cereal a couple weeks ago, he LOVED it of course..and this week we started him on baby food bananas, and loved those too! :) I love being with him all the time he is the cutest boy ever. He is a happy(loves to laugh) & good baby, we are so blessed to have him! We went to the doctor this last week and the doc said his development looks great, he is a healthy boy!
6 Month check up:
Height- 26 inches (22 percentile)
Weight- 17 lbs 4 oz (33 percentile)
Head Circumference- (75 percentile) he has a cute big head lol