Monday, August 29, 2011

*4 MoNtHs oLd*

Crew was 4 months old last month ( i am a little late on blogging lol). He is such a GOOD baby we are so blessed to have him in our lives. Crew is getting so BIG it's so crazy how fast they grow up..i remember people telling me "enjoy them while they are little" that's so true because they sure do grow up way fast! We have so much fun with our little guy, he loves to: *EAT *laugh *talk (all the time it's so dang cute i love it), *roll over, *play with all his toys, *sleep through the night 8 or 9 hrs a night (which i LOVE it's so nice :) ) *sit in the bumbo and watch t.v., *go to the pool and be in the water. WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH & we are so lucky to be his parents. He is the cutest little boy EVER!! :)